Today I woke up in one of those hazy fuzzy moods. The kind where you are fine until you have to interact with people. As an introvert interacting with people takes a lot out of you and would have made me extra grumpy.

He knew of course, because he knows everything about me. He gave me that look. The one that feels like he’s scanning my whole body to find that 1 piece of me that wants to have a great day and be in a good mood. His eyes flickered and we were off.

He never once brought up my mood. Only allowed me to have my day. After going to breakfast, 9 holes of golf, and a trip to the dog park in a haze. I was home again and laying on the couch trying to find something on Netflix when he walked over. Gave me this quick hug and left for the other room to play his Xbox. This is one of those days where I was reminded that my partner-in-crime will be there on my good days and bad. Because life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Life is sticky and everyone isn’t always “on” all the time.


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